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Delivering Innovation

, UXmatters

By Baruch Sachs

Let’s be really honest with ourselves. We are good, sometimes even great, at coming up with innovative ideas and really cool features and functions. However, only occasionally, despite our best efforts, are we actually able to think about the experience first—let alone create an innovative culture that places human beings’ needs at the same level as business needs.

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Why You Shouldn’t Gray Out Disabled Buttons

, UX Movement


What should you do if you have a button that isn’t active in a given context? Removing the button from its native location and revealing it later can surprise users. Instead of doing this, designers will indicate that it’s disabled to avoid displaying a drastic change to the interface.

The way most designers communicate a disabled state is by graying the button out. However, this approach also surprises users because the button’s enabled state has little resemblance to the disabled one.

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Understanding Expert Reviews and Inspection Methods

, MeasuringU

In user research, there’s more than one expert and there’s also more than one expert review.

The 1990s were the golden age of what is loosely referred to as expert reviews or by the more general term inspection methods.

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Case Study Restaurant App

, UX Planet - Medium

An app that needs you to find restaurants near you to catch up with your friends, for an event or… just dining.How it all started…This is my very first case study about a mobile app.

I would like to share the way I approached this problem and a few design decisions I made throughout the process.

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Rapid prototyping — how to make it work for you

, UX Collective - Medium

Rapid prototyping — how to make it work for youRapid prototyping involves the creation of a sample or a test version of a product in a short span and validating it with users. In other words, it is a proof of concept which allows its creators to verify whether the process of production is on the right track. By being a ‘rapid’ process, it implies that this style of prototyping is a basic, quick, and cheap way to validate ideas during the creation journey, as against testing a near-complete version.

The biggest takeaway of the rapid prototyping process is that the design team gets a user-validated direction to work on, which results in a product that gives wholesome value to its users.

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