How to design products for how people think, learn and feel?

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Jul 11th Class One-minute Summaries

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Interaction Design (Download PDF or Suggest an Edit on GitLab)


10 Simple Things Writers Can Do To Improve Web Accessibility

Required Reading

Supplemental Readings

Accessibility is the practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction or access to websites by people with disabilities.

Cognitive Psychology
The branch of psychology that studies mental processes including how people think, perceive, remember and learn.

Conceptual Model
Conceptual models involve three views of a system; the user's mental model, the designer's model, and the system image.

Emotional Design
Creating experiences that are emotional appealing to people.

Interaction Design
The structure and behaviors of interactive products, services, and systems.

A visual representation that shows a key sequence of a task.

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Week 10 (Jul 11 - 17)