Week 1 (May 9 - 15)

What is usability and user experience design?
Course Overview
Introduction to UX Design
Usability 101: Introduction to Usability

Week 2 (May 16 - 22)

What does a holistic user experience design process look like?
Reflective Log due Aug 1st
The Process of UX Design
What is UX Design? 15 User Experience Experts Weigh In

Week 3 (May 23 - 29)

How to make more strategic design decisions?
Journey Map assignment due Jun 5th
Strategic UX Design
What is a User Journey Map?

Week 4 (May 30 - Jun 5)

How to understand and communicate people's needs and behaviors?
User Research
A Five-Step Process For Conducting User Research
In-class office hours (tentative)

Week 5 (Jun 6 - 12)

How to conduct a usability inspection?
Usability Inspection assignment due Jun 19th
Usability Inspection Report Template
User Interface Inspections
An Overview of Expert Heuristic Evaluations

Week 6 (Jun 13 - 19)

How to plan, conduct, and summarize usability tests?
Usability Testing
The Art of Guerrilla Usability Testing

Week 7 (Jun 20 - 26)

How to explore and communicate possible design solutions?
Usability Inspection assignment peer reviews due Jun 26th
Informed Consent Materials
The Skeptic’s Guide To Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Week 8 (Jun 27 - Jul 3)

How to design products for how people think, learn and feel?
Project User Research and Usability Benchmarks due Jul 17th
Team Member Evaluation for group assignment due in class Jul 18th
Interaction Design
A Lean UX Iteration on Dropbox Photos
In-class office hours (tentative)

Week 9 (Jul 4 - 10)

Special Topics Class or Instructor User Research Meetings

Week 10 (Jul 11 - 17)

How to design for mobile and multi-device usage?
Mobile and Multi-device Design
Mobile first - Insights from going mobile only
In-class office hours (tentative)

Week 11 (Jul 18 - 24)

What are the essentials of effective visual communication?
Project Storyboard Mockups due Jul 31st
Team Member Evaluation for group assignment in class Aug 1st
Informed Consent Materials
Visual Design Essentials
The Impact of Aesthetics on Attitudes Towards Websites

Week 12 (Jul 25 - 31)

Instructor Design Critique Meetings
How to Give and Receive Criticism

Week 13 (Aug 1)

Industry Guest Speakers