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Create team project group by Sep 13th
Post team project proposal by Sep 20th

Sep 6th Class Preparations

While there are no required preparations for the first class of CMPT 363, I would suggest you review the course syllabus and team project proposal criteria - comments and suggestions are welcome.

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What is this course all about?

Course Overview

What is usability and user experience design?

HCI, UI, IA, IxD, and UX
Design Thinking
Usability and UCD

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Sep 6th Class One-minute Summaries

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Welcome to the multi-device friendly course hub for CMPT-363 Fall 2017. To help orientate yourself to the course, explore the course syllabus.

Any required preparations before each class will be posted here by Friday of the previous week. Assigned weekly reading quizzes must be submitted before 10:00am the day of each class, and please bring a copy of your answers to class to help facilitate possible discussion.

A summary of presented materials will usually be posted the day after class.